Who does not want to live a luxurious life? Everyone is longing to live in a luxurious Bungalow. A metropolitan city like Ahmedabad allows you to live and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Do you know what makes the bungalow a lavish? The architectural style, space area and use of premium materials to design a bungalow makes it lavish. These elegant bungalows are located in prime areas where there’s more green space. This article brings with the which amenities make your bungalow extravagant. 

How Can You Imagine Luxurious Bungalows Without Modern Amenities?

These luxurious bungalows are highly priced, but it is cost-effective as they offer tranquility and give you the feeling of heaven. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy luxurious life.  Lavish Bungalows and Modern Amenities are like synonyms of each other. It is incomplete without the latest facilities. 

There is a categorization that makes your bungalow extravagant and it is divided under two heads; 1) unique features of luxurious bungalows and 2) Salient Design Elements. Let’s dive into every amenities one by one. 

Unique Features and Luxurious Bungalows

  • No Common Wall Between Bungalows-

These bungalows are designed with wide coverage. There is enough space between every bungalow that gives an eye-catching look to the visitors. This bungalow is designed with cavity walls. There is no common wall between any bungalow and this unique feature adds beauty to the lavish bungalow. 

  • Private Elevator For Each Bungalow-

How is it possible that a luxurious bungalow won’t give you the facility of a private elevator? Luxurious Bungalows are designed from the basement level, providing a private elevator from the basement. This provides basement parking for you and your visitors and that’s why it can be considered as no vehicle-zone. 

  • Separate Pooja Room and Store Rooms-

Luxurious Bungalows in Ahmedabad like Apricity are mainly 5BHK. There is a separate Pooja Room to worship. Luxurious bungalows are spacious so it is easy to orientate. It has separate rooms for different purposes; a study room for the child, a meditation room, and all these unique features add lavishness to the bungalow. 

  • Extra Green Space for Each Bungalow-

Luxurious Bungalows are located in prime areas that are green-covered. The unique feature of this bungalow is that offers an additional net plot area which can be used to cultivate a lush garden or it can be utilized as a reading corner. 

Luxurious Bungalows And Salient Design Elements

  • Luxurious Bungalow Is Fully Equipped Gym-

Luxurious Bungalows have additional amenities like a society temple, a central garden with a designed landscape, and many more. Among them, the provision of a fully equipped gym adds a different identity to the grandiose bungalow. For a fitness freak personality and having a busy schedule, it is beneficial to you to be healthy and active at your doorstep.  

  • Luxurious Bungalow Provides Jogging Track-

The Jogging Track is like a boon for those who seek a morning jog, an evening walk with leisure, or simply a solitude moment amidst nature. The Jogging Track in a homely space offers tranquility and rejuvenation. 

  • Luxurious Bungalows Offer Space For Recreational Activities-

Luxurious Bungalows offer additional space for recreational activities. It has the provision of indoor games and a multipurpose media room. Playing indoor games with friends and family adds happiness to your life and this additional salient feature helps to relax you at your doorstep only. 

  • Luxurious Bungalows Is Incomplete Without Clubhouse-

Grandiose and Lavish Bungalows provide separate children’s play area and clubhouse. Children’s play areas are equipped with sliding and swings and have area for outdoor games like badminton. 


And without all these modern amenities how a bungalow can be luxurious? Due to above mentioned amenities it is considered to be best bungalow in Ahmedabad to buy it. Taking the advantage of modern amenities and location that brings tranquility in life, grab the opportunity to live and enjoy luxurios lifestyle. Are you finding those bungalows that are in prime locations and covered with green space? The D and C real estate developers come with a new opportunity called ‘Apricity Bungalows’ that allows you to enjoy a luxurious life. This newly ongoing project is perfect for you to buy bungalow in Ahmedabad that is located at Ognaj Circle.