List of Luxurious Properties in Ahmedabad Vastrapur

Date: February 10, 2023

List of Luxurious Properties in Ahmedabad Vastrapur

Ahmedabad is one of the most popular cities in Gujarat, India. The place is known for housing a calm and cool environment. People from various states in India visit Ahmedabad in search of a job, studies, and other purposes.

If you are planning to settle here and search for a luxurious residential property in Ahmedabad, then better start your search now. Carrying out research and comparison will let you shortlist the names of certain places.

Every place comprises some pros and cons. Instead of relying on the words of mouths of people, you better start with your search. As you will be coming across a wide variety of options, making the right decision will seem no more difficult.

Still, before investing in your property; it is essential to verify some vital characteristics.

Here are Some Tips to Find the Luxurious Bungalows in Ahmedabad

Does the Location of the Property Make any Difference?

Before investing in a new property in Ahmedabad, the first thing that you must consider is location. In other words, the house must be in a highly privileged location. Investing there will value your investment to a high extent.

The place must be close to the airport, schools, colleges, hospitals, and railway station. Otherwise, you may have to worry about transport at an interval of every second. Some of the highly popular locations that are preferred by maximum buyers include the following:

  1. D and C Meghdhanush
  2. IndraprasthGulmohar
  3. 9 Blue
  4. ShilpShaligram
  6. Sheetal Westpark Residency and many more.

These areas have been recognized to be among the highly exclusive options in the city. They have also been most popular for being quieter. People looking for properties in some of the highly exclusive neighborhoods may go with these options.

Now comes the turn of high safety!

What Makes Safety One of the Most Preferable Options?

The second point that you need to keep in high consideration is a high level of security and safety. In other words, it is advisable to go with those places that have been recognized to be safe round the clock.

Especially, safety for women and children must not be taken for granted. Residing in such areas will let women continue with their professional as well as personal lives smoothly.

Also, the area where you are planning to settle must be free from theft-related incidents.

Do Panoramic Views Make a Difference in the Selection of Residential Property?

On the way to purchasing a residential property in Ahmedabad, it is essential to confirm the availability of additional services like a panoramic view. The view of sprawling green lawns and rivers will provide high relaxation to your eyes during your leisure time.

In addition to it, the property must be inclusive of round-the-clock security to keep an eye on people that are visiting the place. It will ensure that a high level of safety is maintained for the residents. The inclusion of CCTV cameras will be an added asset.

In case of any mishap, it will become easy to catch hold of the culprit by looking at the CCTV footage. Nowadays, almost everyone is fitness conscious. That is why having access to the private gymnasium and swimming pool will be something great.

Such luxurious facilities will let you carry on with some fitness-related activities like exercise and swimming. Last but not the least, the availability of a common hall to connect with everyone will be an added asset.

Finishing the House Using Quality Materials, Is One More Important Point

The quality of materials used for building the house also makes a great difference. The use of noble materials including high-quality woods, imported marble pieces, high-quality appliances, and well-designed spaces enhance the overall grace of residential properties in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

The use of superb quality resources will let in making your home a highly comfortable space. A uniquely designed home will provide a cozy atmosphere for the family. Also, it will be among the highly elegant choice for your guests.

The quality of materials that are being used in the construction also makes a difference in both price and luxurious look. On the way to purchase a residential property in Ahmedabad, it is preferable to go with those housing properties that make use of ecological materials in carrying out construction-related tasks.

Some 3 BHK flats in Vastrapur Ahmedabad including ShilpShaligram, D and C Meghdhanush, 9 Blue, Sheetal West Park Residency, etc. have been recognized for using eco-friendly construction materials.

Space Inclusive of the Property

The interior distribution of the property is one more vital factor that must be kept into consideration to select a residential housing complex. The flat regardless of the number of rooms must comprise enough space.

Flat must remain well-distributed having spacious and highly-proportioned rooms. Bathrooms also make a huge difference in distinguishing properties from one another. Flats having a common bathroom against all rooms are hardly preferred by anyone today.

Taking this into high consideration, properties of new flats in Vastrapur Ahmedabad including ShilpShaligram, 9 Blue, D and C Meghdhanush, ALTEZZA, and Sheetal West Park Residency have separate bathrooms against every bedroom. That is why they have become among immense popular choices today.

Suitable facilities in terms of dressing rooms and terrace will be an added advantage. Now, it is the turn to peep into a vital concept that is none other than price.

How does the Price of the Property Make a Difference?

Lastly, the price of the property is also a remarkable factor that is taken into high consideration. No doubt, it fluctuates based on the location and facilities that you will be coming across.

But it must match the present trends of the market. New flats in Vastrapur Ahmedabad start from a minimum of thirty lacs and may rise based on the number of rooms available. Flats facing the roadways will cost a bit more than the ones situated at the back view.

These are some important points that you must keep in consideration at the time of buying a house in one of the top areas like Vastrapur in Ahmedabad. You may take the help of a broker or browse online at to get an idea.

Visiting the website will let you come across the latest updated news about the types of residential properties available in Ahmedabad. Based on location, price, and number of rooms; you will be able to shortlist properties. Also, you may have direct words with the customer care team for clarifying queries, if any.

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