Finding an authentic real estate developer in Ahmedabad to build a dream home seems challenging. When it comes to buying a bungalow it is all about the commitment, innovation, and reliability of the real estate developer. These developers are well-known for their vows to design lavish bungalows that stand for luxury, comfort, and state-of-the-art living. What do you expect from the real estate developers when you plan to own your dream bungalow?

Here are some factors that you should consider about real estate developers

  • Unparalleled Experience And Expertise

Ahmedabad’s real estate developers like DandC developers possess comprehensive experience in the industry. They come with extensive knowledge and expertise, completed residential and commercial projects that set standards in design, superior construction, and customer satisfaction. 

  • Artistic Construction And Materials

Esteemed builders never negotiate with their construction materials. DandC Developers is known for its construction with an intelligent facade system that is beautiful and functional. They incorporate double-glazed units (DGU), cavity walls, and vertical and horizontal louvers. This construction pattern makes their buildings elegant and weather-friendly. 

  • Location And Amenities

Real Estate Developers like DandC believe that ‘location creates the difference in generating value of your asset. Their projects are located at prime locations in Ahmedabad and with this residential project “Apricitybungalow” they integrate amenities like a fitness center, recreational space, and lush gardens that enrich the overall lifestyle of the residents. 

  • Customer Service And Support After Possession

This is the unique characteristic of a true builder in the real estate market. Very few real estate developers in Ahmedabad provide this facility to their customers. DandC developers provide maintenance facilities for 2 years after the receipt of the BU certificate. The motive behind this service is to inculcate cleanliness habits, hygiene, and beauty of the building among members. Top developers like DandC prioritize customer support that involves legal assistance and Property Resale assistance. 

  • Investment Value And Appreciation

By investing in your dream home built by a real estate developer, you are ensuring quality living life and potential appreciation in your property value over time. DandC developers give assurance of handsome returns to their clients in terms of money and value. 

  • Transparent Process And Trustworthiness

Transparency is the key throughout the building process. DandC developers emphasize the work practices, design philosophy, and especially the raw materials they use in constructing masterpieces. The “Showcase” event conducted by them helps to build increased clients’ trust. 

  • Evaluate Track Records 

Real Estate Developer with a solid track record boosts buyers’ confidence. The portfolio of completed projects, from residential to commercial retail space represents their potential to deliver on time. 

  • Online Review And Feedback

These days, online reviews and feedback are easily available. Go through it which helps to get an idea about the genuineness of the developer. Top builders in Ahmedabad like DandC developers have their reviews and feedback on their completed projects available online. 

  • Visit Completed Projects or Model Apartment of Ongoing Project

If possible, then visit completed projects or model apartments of ongoing projects that help to get firsthand experience of the developer’s craftsmanship, design appeal, and overall project setting. “Apricity” project by DandC developer, sample house is available. 

  • Communication On Timely Basis-

You can visit the developer’s office and proactively communicate with them, which might help you know the developer’s authenticity and work ethic. You will get a timeline of the possession of your dream home. 


By considering the above suggestion and with due alertness, you can make an informed decision and find the top real estate developers in Ahmedabad. DandC developers are considered as reputed builder in Ahmedabad that aligns with your investment goals and expectations.