These days, luxurious bungalows are in high demand in metro cities. Among them, Ahmedabad is the most preferred city to buy luxurious bungalows. Ahmedabad is the fastest-developing metro city, opening new job opportunities every day, and with rapid urbanization, it has become a populated city. With the rise in income, people have given preference to luxurious bungalows. And, because of this, Ahmedabad is the preferred location to buy grandiose bungalows, and among all the posh locations of Ahmedabad, the Ognaj location is a preferable location to buy luxurious bungalows in Ahmedabad. Why is it so? Let’s find it out.


Why Posh Location Like Ognaj Is Preferable For Luxurious Bungalows?

Generally speaking, these luxurious bungalows are preferred by the wealthy class. Nowadays, in Ahmedabad, many posh locations like S.P.Ring Road, Bopal, Shilaj, and Ognaj are growing at a faster pace. And from all these posh areas, Ognaj is preferable to buy luxurious bungalows in Ahmedabad. There are certain problems for bungalow buyers in Ahmedabad and D and C real estate developers identified those problems and tried to find out the solution by introducing a beautiful project like ‘Apricity’

What are those identified problems and their productive solutions?

  1. Problem Of Less Plot Area And Utilize Total Plot Area-

Though it is luxurious bungalows end-users will get less usable area and feel owning land is missing. D and C real estate developers come up with the solution and they utilize the total plot area to build the ‘Apricity’ project. They offer grandness and resort-like luxury. 


  1. Problem Of Parking And Place for Loved Ones-

Sometimes, with the development of the area, luxurious bungalows get cluttered and face the problem of parking. This ‘Apricity’ bungalow has the provision of visitor parking in the basement and provides a private elevator for each bungalow. This amenity is convenient for the end-users and their visitors. And it won’t allow cluttering the luxurious bungalow. 


  1. Problem of Blocked View, Poor Ventilation, And Full View Along with Ventilation-

Most projects have bungalows facing each other with a narrow road in between and it blocks the view and sufficient ventilation but the ‘Apricity’ project is built up of all units facing the central garden with a huge distance between opposite bungalows and it provides good ventilation. 


Due to the above-mentioned reasons and their solutions, Bungalow buyers preferred the Ognaj Location to buy luxurious bungalows in Ahmedabad. 


Let’s Unveil The Luxury In Ognaj “Apricity” Project


Every amenity of the luxurious bungalow is considered a luxury for the rich class. A Luxurious Project called ‘Apricity’ located in Ognaj is equipped with endless luxuries that allow enjoying every moment in tranquility. Let’s dive into the luxury offered by a luxurious bungalow. 

These Luxurious Bungalows Are Designed With Exquisite Architecture –

This luxurious bungalow is designed with exquisite architecture that seamlessly blends with modern elegance and timeless beauty. Every interior design is crafted to create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence. 


These Luxurious Bungalows Have Scenic Surroundings-

This bungalow is amidst nature. Just imagine how your morning is beautiful when you hear nature’s sounds and birds chirping at the time of wake-up! This luxurious Bungalow has a Central garden with a designed landscape. This offers breathtaking views of lush gardens. From morning tea on a private balcony to an evening stroll through a beautifully landscaped garden every moment is inculcated with luxury.

These Luxurious Bungalows Equipped With Exclusive Amenities-

The provisions that are meant for relaxation and rejuvenation are considered exclusive amenities. These include meditation zones or Yoga rooms, which are luxuries for those who want an active lifestyle at their doorstep only. The provision of basement parking for the owner and their guests can also include an exclusive amenity, making a no-vehicle zone on the ground floor. 

Apart from the above, what are the others considered as Luxury? 

Safety Is Mandatory For Luxurious Bungalows-

How Is It Possible that a Bungalow can be luxurious without high-end safety? This bungalow has an installation of safety equipment. Its entrance gate is equipped with security, CCTV surveillance,24*7 security, and a firefighting system. 

Luxurious Bungalows Come With Power Backup-

This simply means that this bungalow has the installation of a generator. There is less chance of a power cut in metro cities like Ahmedabad but during that time this hi-tech technology provides electricity and it is luxury in the true sense! 



In Conclusion, this spacious 5BHK bungalow in Ahmedabad is a boon for those who want to live amid nature and serenity with every luxury. With all these above-discussed luxuries, they make the bungalow luxurious in a real manner. All these amenities of the ‘Apricity’ Project making worthful to buy bungalow in Ahmedabad. Reach out to the D and C developers and accomplish your dream of living a luxurious lifestyle. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why is ‘Apricity’ the first preference for the buyers of luxurious bungalows?

Ans: Because D and C developers have designed bungalows in an artistic way that offers ventilation, Panoramic views, and high-end amenities. 


  1. What are the square yards of Apricity Luxury Bungalows?

Ans: It is 576 square yards and it starts from 5184 SQFT. 


  1. What amenities are provided by ‘Apricity’?

Ans: It is equipped with high-end amenities like a private elevator for each bungalow, jogging track, and many more. You can check it out on its official website.