The Only One

The word and legend of Phoenix is associated with a bird by name of Phoenix. This bird is said to live for 500 hundred years and is known to renew itself by burning in a sacred fire. It is said that only 1 phoenix can exist at any point of time and during ancient times this bird was a symbol of royalty and uniqueness.

Phoenix is also associated with immortality, renewal, unsurpassed beauty & indomitable spirit. An attitude of not surrendering to fate but rising from the ashes and flying again in the new world… a world full of possibilities, hope, aspirations, achievements and renewal.

We are creating that world of potentialities for you by building Phoenix.

Phoenix will be salute to that undying spirit that refuses to surrender in moments of despair… it will be tribute to that unflinching faith that refuses to balk in front of fear… it will be a beauty unsurpassed in its excellence… it will be a symbol of renewal that will take you unto higher realm of success.

Become the new you. Become the Phoenix

Current Status: Construction Work Started

  • Prominently Located in CBD of Ahmedabad near Vijay Cross Roads
  • Tallest Commercial near Vijay Cross Roads
  • Introducing ‘Sliding Folding Shutters’
  • Ever-changing Sun Control Façade
  • Modern Utility Oriented Design
  • Majestic Front Entry
  • Grand Foyer & Waiting Lounge
  • Business Centre
  • Roof Top Café & Recreation Zone